Plenary meeting: Supporting the test phase of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Sport and Active Leisure, 23 & 24 March 2017, Berlin

On 23 and 24 March 2017, a meeting took place in Berlin regarding "Supporting the test phase of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Sport and Active Leisure".  The event was attended by 51 people from 23 European countries.

The ICCE and ECC was represented at the meeting by José Curado (Portugal), Juan Maria Gavalda (Spain) and Michal Barda (Czech Republic).

José Curado made a presentation about the ICCE and ECC and the need to enhance the voice of the coach at all levels of decision.

Sport Summit Aarhus 2017, 12-14 September

2017 marks Aarhus as European Capital of Culture. In conjunction with Aarhus University and ENSE we are celebrating this milestone bringing Universities, institutions and organizations involved in Physical Education, Sport Science and leisure sports together. It is with great pleasure to invite you to this international conference where state of the art information, research, physical education and projects on national and international levels are presented.

Please register for the conference here 


Pat Duffy Carnegie Coaching Festival - 22nd March 2017, Leeds

Join us on 22nd March at Leeds Beckett University to celebrate the remarkable contribution Professor Pat Duffy made to sports coaching. Pat was recognised internationally for his tireless efforts to highlight the role and value of coaching in wider society. Pat was instrumental in foregrounding participant and performer needs in building coaching systems that provide inclusive, lifelong opportunities for participation in sport and physical activity at all levels.

Find out more and register here.  Tickets are free of charge, and are limited to availability.

The agenda is as follows:

17:00 Arrival and Buffet

17:25 Introductions Professor Jeanne Keay. Pro Vice Chancellor, Leeds Beckett University.

17:30 Remembering Professor Pat Duffy; Coaching Visionary A personal reflection on Professor Pat Duffy's vision for and impact on the world of coaching.- Baroness Sue Campbell

18:00 Coaching children - An examination of changes in our understanding of children's coaching through an examination of practice and research in this domain Sergio Lara-Bercial : Senior Research Fellow,LBU & Pete Sturgess, Football Association's Lead National Coach for the Foundation Phase

18:30 Player development systems :Learning from good practice - Dr Julian North, LBU

19:00 Break

19:15 Coaching diversity, equity and inclusion : Working towards inclusion: How has coaching responded to this challenge?: Dr Hayley Fitzgerald, Reader in Disability and Youth Sport,LBU

19:45 Coach learning and professional development :Learning on the job: supporting experienced talent development, Olympic and Paralympic coaches to explore their practice from multiple perspectives and develop new insights.- Bob Muir, Senior Lecturer and course leader for the MSc Sport Coaching LBU, Andrew Gillott, Performance PAthway Coaching Lead for the English Institute of Sport/UK Sport and a consultant coach developer & Dave Mellor, Coaching Development Manager for the Royal Yachting Association & British Sailing Team

20:15 Professionalising coaching:Professionalising Coaching through the development of the FA Youth Coach Developer workforce. A view on a policy to practice and research to support practice approach to professionalisation- Dr Andy Abraham, Head of Subject for Sport Coaching, LBU & Martin Diggle, Elite Youth Coach Development Lead, The Football Association

20:45 Close

ICCE signs Memorandum of Understanding with International Triathlon Union

The ICCE met recently with the ITU to sign a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the use of the ICCE Quality in Coaching materials by ITU and its members.

Ladislav Petrovic, ICCE Secretary General and Adrian Buergi, ICCE Vice President of Strategy and Development met with Zita Csovelyak, ITU Senior Manager and Gergely Markus, ITU Sport Director for the signing of the MoU on 3rd March 2017, and to discuss further co-operation between the two organisations.

The Second Consultation Draft of the European Sport Coaching Framework Has Been Released

The International Council for Coaching Excellence, the European Coaching Council and the rest of the CoachLearn project partners have released the second consultation draft of the European Sport Coaching Framework. 

CoachLearn is an Eramus+ co-funded project seeking to enhance sport coaches’ learning, mobility and employment through the development of a European Sport Coaching Framework (ESCF). The ESCF will act as a recognised reference point across the EU for the development and recognition of coach education programmes and coaching systems.

This newly-released version represents the second consultation draft of the ESCF. It will be available here for a one-month period between 7th March and 7th April. CoachLearn would like to kindly request your feedback and suggestions to improve the ESCF.

After this, the CoachLearn Project Group will proceed to finalise the ESCF for publication at the CoachLearn closing conference in Leeds (UK) 31st May-1st June 2017.

The final version will also contain a collection of illustrative case studies from across the EU in each chapter and be accompanied by a set of application and developmental tools such as a Coaching System Mapping Tool, a Participant Development Model Builder, a Coaching Qualification Curriculum Builder, a Qualification Mapping and Conversion Tool, and a Step-by-Step Guide to Recognised Prior Learning and Work-Based Experience.

Please send feedback to k.livingstone@icce.ws

Thank you for your continued feedback and support for this project.

CoachLearn brings together a consortium of six organisations including Leeds Beckett University, the International Council for Coaching Excellence, Netherlands Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF), the Hungarian Coaching Association, Trainerakademie in Germany and HAAGA-HELIA University in Finland.

CoachLearn and iCoachKids presented as Models of Good Practice at EU Symposium

Projects CoachLearn and iCoachKids were presented last week as good-practice case studies at a European Union Symposium held by the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University in the UK.

The purpose of the event was to inform universities about the various EU funding streams and to showcase a series of successful projects to encourage more applications from UK universities in the coming rounds.

Sergio Lara-Bercial said: This was a great opportunity to learn more about EU funding, network with other projects and showcase the work we are doing at iCoachKids and CoachLearn. The reception from attendees was really encouraging and we hope we showcased what can be achieved thanks to EU funding and through the creation of strong partnership with other organisations across Europe.

For information on CoachLearn, please visit www.coachlearn.eu

For information on iCoachKids, please visit www.icoachkids.eu

iCoachKids Presented at PsyTool Partner Meeting in Sweden

Project lead, Senior Research Fellow for Leeds Beckett University, Sergio Lara-Bercial, and Dr Ladislav Petrovic from the Hungarian Coaches Association travelled to the wonderful seaside town of Halmstad in Sweden to present iCoachKids to the partners of PsyTool, a related Erasmus+ co-funded project.  

PsyTool uses sport psychology principles to protect children against any kind of abuse, violence, cheating or discrimination in youth sport. It aims to do so through the development of a network of Agents of Change: parents, coaches, referees and any other significant adult who will be able to not only identify and act when a case arises, but raise awareness and educate the athletes themselves.

The meeting was hosted and organised by project partner Halmstad University’s Professor Natalia Stambulova. Sergio and Laszlo presented the aims of iCK and offered a sneak-preview of the soon-to-go-live to the PsyTool partners which amongst others include Sevilla FC, Sporting Clube Lisbon, University of La Sapienza Rome, FARE Network, University Pablo Olavide, Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of the Balearic Islands.

A proposal for further cooperation to aid dissemination of both projects across the EU and facilitate the shared use of each other’s materials has been agreed in principle.

iCK Project Leader Sergio Lara-Bercial said: “This is a fantastic step forward for iCoachKids. PsyTool shares a lot of commonalities with iCK and we are delighted to be able to help each other for the benefit of children and coaches across the European Union”.

The iCoachKids website will go live by 10th February 2017

For updates please follow both projects @PsyToolEU and @iCoachKidsEU

For more information please visit www.psytoolsport.eu and www.icoachkids.eu

The iCoachKids Website Has Lift-Off!

The interactive iCoachKids online platform has gone live. The site contains a vast number of resources and materials to help coaches plan and deliver great sessions and programmes.

The main objective of the iCoachKids project is to tackle the lack of existing opportunities for coaches of children to be suitably trained and recognized across Europe. The project will overturn this situation through the development of open and innovative education and training resources and opportunities for youth coaches. 

iCoachKids is a three-year Erasmus+ co-funded project (2016-2019) which brings together eight organisations with expertise in the field of youth sport and coach education.  Led by Leeds Beckett University and the International Council for Coaching Excellence, other partners include the Netherlands Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF), the Hungarian Coaching Association, Sport Ireland, Lithuanian Sports University (LSU), Universidad Europea de Madrid and the Royal Belgian Football Association.

The iCoachKids website, a repository of both existing and newly developed resources and materials from all over the world aimed at youth coaches, is the first to cover the whole breadth of areas related to coaching youth sport. It contains different sections spanning a broad range of topics such as child development, motivation, planning, talent development, safeguarding and child protection or how children learn. It even has a section for parents and clubs so everyone can be on the same page when it comes to youth sport. 

iCoachKids boasts a large number of international expert contributors such as Vern Gambetta (USA), Paul Gamble (UK), Chema Buceta (Spain), Leanne Norman (UK), Kris Van der Haegen (Belgium) and many more making it a ‘cutting-edge’ source of information and advice for budding and expert coaches alike. 

Coaches and parents from all over the European Union and beyond can also interact with each other and the contributors using the discussion forums built into the site.  

The icing-on-the-cake for iCoachKids will be the creation of 3 newly developed Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from the summer of 2018 onwards. These courses will conform with European educational regulations and be accessible FREE of charge to anyone who wants to learn more about coaching children. Colleges, universities and federations will be free to adopt and adapt them as part of their regular offer to coaches at no cost to them or their coaches!    

Project Leader, LBU’s Senior Research Fellow Sergio Lara-Bercial said"The launch of the website is a huge step for iCoachKids. It puts the project on the map. Coaches of children represent over 80% of the coaching workforce across Europe, yet they lack sufficient opportunities to gain specialist knowledge to fulfil their very important role. The iCoachKids webiste will change that." 

ICCE President, John Bales said: "iCoachKids fills a void that has been empty for too long. Thanks to iCK coaches all over the EU and beyond can have access to free, up-to-date, practical and engaging information and tips to develop their coaching to new heights"

For more information or if you want to collaborate or become a project supporter for iCoachKids please contact Project Leader Sergio Lara-Bercial on s.lara-bercial@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

PsyTool Online Platform Presented at Halmstad University in Sweden

ICCE Secretary General Ladislav Petrovic and Manager for Strategy and Development Sergio Lara-Bercial with Professor Natalia Stambulova from Halmstad University

PsyTool Project partners travelled to wonderful seaside town of Halmstad in Sweden for the third full partner meeting of this Erasmus+ co-funded project in February 2017. PsyTool uses sport psychology principles to protect children against any kind of abuse, violence, cheating or discrimination in youth sport. It aims to do so through the development of a network of Agents of Change: parents, coaches, referees and any other significant adult who will be able to not only identify and act when a case arises, but raise awareness and educate the athletes themselves.

The meeting was hosted and organised by project partner Halmstad University. Professor Natalia Stambulova and associate professors Andreas Ivarsson and Krister Hertting created a very productive environment which led to a very successful meeting. ICCE was represented by Secretary General Dr Ladislav Petrovic and Manager for Strategy & Development Sergio Lara-Bercial.

The key events of the 2-day gathering were:

  • The launch of the newly developed PsyTool Online Study Platform. This platform allows institutions to run customised courses to train Agents of Change in a flexible, effective and interactive manner. The platform, currently only in Spanish, will be translated into English and Portuguese in the immediate future.
  • The presentation of the 10 lessons covering a wide range of topics such as doping, match fixing, safeguarding and child protection and positive youth development through sport.

The first round of Agents of Change training will start in early March and conclude in mid-May. Research and evaluation data from this first round will be presented in a special symposium at the highly prestigious World Congress of the International Society for Sport Psychology in Seville in July 2017.

For updates please follow the project @PsyToolEU

For more information please visit www.psytoolsport.eu

PhD Scholarship - Sociology of Sport, Sport Development, and/or Physical Education

The Sustainable Sport Development and Well-Being research group at the University of St Mark & St John is seeking applications from interested students for undertaking a funded PhD scholarship in sport, health and/or well-being.

Applications are welcome from students interested in undertaking empirically grounded, theoretically driven, industry relevant, and socially impactful research that can inform and enable inclusive policy formations towards the effective incorporation of the range of sport-related products and services into sustainable development strategies for individual and community well-being, capacity-building and social change. More specifically, the University is looking for a motivated student interested in undertaking doctoral study aligned with any of the key themes of the research group:

  • Strategy – Planning for the strategic management of sport and leisure organisations and enabling the effective leveraging of resulting benefits
  • Inclusive Governance – Promoting inclusiveness of minority physical activities
  • Embodiment – Fostering meanings and identities of sport and leisure participants
  • Sustainability – Determining the economic, social and environmental impacts of sport and event tourism as well as enhancing and sustaining their value
  • Community Capacity – Building local capacities to create and deliver sport and leisure opportunities, health services as well as event tourist experiences
  • Quality of life – Assessing the contribution of sport, leisure and event tourism to subjective and collective well-being
  • Education – Examining teaching and learning within sport coaching, physical education, and physical activity health promotion

Initial and/or informal enquires can be directed to Vassilios Ziakas, Associate Professor in Sport Management (vziakas@marjon.ac.uk), Aaron Beacom, Reader in Sport & International Relations (abeacom@marjon.ac.uk), or Kass Gibson, Lecturer in Sport Coaching and Physical Education(kgibson@marjon.ac.uk)

Coaching Council

The ECC is a formally established continental body for Europe of the International Council for Coaching Excellence.