Leeds Beckett and ICCE Research Influences Developments at the Highest Level of European Policy.



Photo Credit: Estonia Ministry of Culture

Research conducted by Leeds Beckett and ICCE researchers Sergio Lara-Bercial, Dr Julian North, Dr A.J. Rankin-Wright and Dr Ladislav Petrovic was showcased at the inaugural Sport Conference of the Estonian Presidency of the European Council focused on ‘The Role of Coaches in Society’ which took place in Tallinn from 12-14th July.

Estonia, a country renown for producing great sporting talent from a very small pool (1.5M inhabitants) is holding the Presidency of the European Council from July to December 2017. In the area of sport, the priority chosen by the Estonian minister of Culture, Mr Indrek Saar is the recognition and adequate preparation of the sport coach. Estonia has recently adopted a sport act which regulates the coaching profession and has created a qualifications systems and coaching register to support coaches’ development.

The focus of the conference was on the changing role of the coach in 21st century society. Minister Saar said: ‘the social role of coaches is even greater than their sport-specific role by teaching values and skills for life’. A similar message was shared by Deputy Director General of the European Commission Mr Jens Nymand-Christensen who also emphasise the role of coach education to guarantee positive sporting experiences for all European citizens. Mr Nymand-Christensen stressed the role that Project CoachLearn led by Leeds Beckett and the International Council for Coaching Excellence and the publication of its main output, the European Sport Coaching Framework (ESCF) has in ‘showing the way for those developing coaching and coaching systems’.

Leeds Beckett partner, the ICCE was given a place of honour at the conference as the global body leading and supporting the development of coaching world-wide. ICCE and Carnegie School of Sport Senior Research Fellow Sergio Lara-Bercial delivered two keynotes. On the first one he spoke exclusively to the Meeting of Sport Director Generals of the 28 EU Member Countries about the changing role of coaches in 21st century society. Sergio introduced them to the ESCF and underlined the need to provide coaches with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to fulfil the ever more complex role of the coach and the needs of the 100 million European citizens receiving coaching from 9 million coaches across the Union. In his second keynote, Sergio discussed his research into Olympic Serial Winning Coaches with Allar Raja, Estonian Bronze medallist in Rio.

In addition, José Curado, European Coaching Council President, presented a keynote lecture on the importance of balancing formal, non-formal and informal education in the development of coaches and encouraged all to ‘Never stop walking on the road to Utopia’. Likewise, ICCE Board Member Kirsi Hämäläinen, took part in a panel analysing the skills needed of coaches in the 21st Century.

The conference marked a historic moment for coaching in Europe and further developments and collaborations between the Estonian Presidency, the European Commission, the ICCE and Leeds Beckett are expected.

ICCE to support India develop the coaches of the future

ICCE and the India Government met in London to follow up on the recommendations of the scoping study conducted in 2016. Coach developers and children’s coaches are the top priority.

Sport is undergoing a drastic transformation in India. Secretary for Sport Mr Injeti Srinivas travelled to London to meet with the ICCE delegation. The purpose of the visit was to follow up on the findings from the scoping study conducted by ICCE last year after their visit to Patiala National Institute of Sport.

Mr Srinivas outlined the priorities of the Indian Government and a number of projects have started to take shape. Top of the agenda are the development of a highly trained coach developer workforce across all 36 Indian states and the creation of an appropriately educated coaching children workforce to service the increase in demand caused by a recently passed education bill which makes Sport and Physical Education compulsory in all schools in India.

ICCE and the India government will continue to work closely to shape up these projects towards implementation in the near future.

Women in Coaching Programme at ICCE Global Coach Conference 2017, Liverpool

As part of the overall ICCE Global Coach Conference 2017, there will be specific Women in Coaching sessions taking place at ACC Liverpool on 31st July and 1st August.

ICCE and Leeds Beckett University deliver the European Sport Coaching framework in Brussels

Senior research fellow Sergio Lara-Bercial travelled to Brussels on 29th June to deliver the European Sport Coaching Framework to Mr Yves Le Lostecque and Ms Agata Dziarnowska, Head and Policy Officer respectively of the Sport Unit of the European Commission. The framework is the main output of Erasmus+ co-funded project CoachLearn led by Leeds Beckett University and the ICCE and it aims to become the reference point for the development of coach education and development systems and qualifications across the EU.

For project leader Sergio Lara-Bercial ‘It was a great honour to be able to deliver the ESCF to the European Commission in person. They have been incredibly supportive. This is the work of a lot of people and the reception by stakeholders and the commission has been fantastic since the launch. We are very excited’.

Head of the Sport Unit Yves Le Lostecque was very complimentary of the ESCF and said: ‘There is a need to invest in the development of coaches. In this respect, the first step is education. The establishment of the European Sport Coaching Framework will contribute to the education, mobility and employability of coaches in the EU’.

Please visit www.coachlearn.eu to download the framework, the application tools and the project reports

The new European Work Plan for Sport 2017-2020 makes coaching a top priority

The European Council has recently approved (May) the new Work Plan for Sport for the period 2017-2020. This plan follows on the previous plans for 2011-2014 and 2014-2017. The ICCE has been part of the various working groups that have contributed to both the implementation of previous plans as well as the development of the current one.

The overall aims of the 2017-2020 plan are:

 - Integrity of sport: this theme will focus on good governance, safeguarding minors, fighting match-fixing, doping & corruption;

- Economic dimension of sport: focussing on innovation in sport, and sport & digital single market;

- Sport & society: focussing on social inclusion, coaches, media, environment, health, education & sport diplomacy.

Coaches and coaching, whilst already a factor in previous plans, feature explicitly and extensively in the new plan especially in relation to the role of coaches in society and the need for suitable education and employment for them to fulfil a vast variety of functions across all levels of participation. ICCE welcomes this news and has started working with the EU Sport Unit to support the actions in the plan.

The first stop will be the Informal Meeting of EU Member States Sport Directors and the Estonian EU Council Presidency Conference on ‘The Role of Sport Coaches in Society – Adding value to people’s lives’ on the 12th, 13th and 14th July in Tallinn. ICCE will present a series of keynotes and take part in discussion panels debating coaching in 21st century Europe.

Human Kinetics to attend the ICCE Global Coach Conference in Liverpool, 31st July - 2nd August 2017

The ICCE is pleased to announce that Human Kinetics will be be supporting us at the upcoming 11th ICCE Global Coach Conference taking places from 31st July to 2nd August 2017.  If you have not yet registered your place, do not delay as places are limited.

This year’s event is hosted by Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) in partnership with the ICCE.

Human Kinetics have published two books with the ICCE. Firstly, the International Sport Coaching Framework, which is now available in six different languages. The second being the recently published European Sport Coaching Framework.

The Global Coach Conference brings together frontline coaches, coach educators and developers, academics, sport scientists, performance directors and sport administrators to share their research. As well as giving insight into best practice and expertise in relation to understanding and developing coaching practice.

The conference focuses on the important impact coaching plays throughout all levels of sport and society. Different aspects of the conference include coach education, development, coaching practice and high performance coaching.

Human Kinetics’ authors Wade Gilbert, Coaching Better Every Season and Sophia Jowett, Social Psychology in Sport will be both be speaking at the event.

Register today at www.icce-2017.com

HPX Conference to Bring Global High Performance Sport Leaders to Dublin

Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Patrick O’Donovan TD, today launched the Sport Ireland High Performance Knowledge Exchange (HPX) Conference, which will take place on October 6th and 7th of this year.

The HPX conference is run by the Sport Ireland Institute and Sport Ireland Coaching, and will bring together some of the world’s leaders in the area of High Performance Sport where the focus will be on “Lessons Learned fromHigh Performance Sport: The 2020 Evolution”.

Speaking at the announcement at the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena, Minister O’Donovan, said: “I am delighted to officially launch the 2017 HPX Conference which will see High Performance professionals from all corners of the world descend on Dublin for the two day event. It is critically important that we bring all the voices and expertise around the table and have the opportunity to not only have their say in relation to Rio 2016, but more importantly to look forward to Tokyo 2020.

He continued, “The knowledge exchange and conversation that will take place during and around the conference will help ensure Ireland’s coaches, performance directors and athletes are equipped with the best information to continue Ireland’s success on the international stage.”

Included among the speakers at the HPX Conference are 2016 World Boxing Coach of the Year Billy Walsh, Dublin Football Manager Jim Gavin, former Tipperary Manager Liam Sheedy, Irish racewalker and World Championship Gold Medalist Olive Loughnane and Paralympian and Cross Bench Peer Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson.

Looking forward to the conference, Chief Executive of Sport Ireland, John Treacy said:  “Sport Ireland is looking forward to welcoming some of the best High Performance Sports Professionals to Dublin for the HPX Conference which will be an invaluable experience for performance practitioners here in Ireland. With a line up packed with experience and insight Sport Ireland hopes that this conference will attract many visitors from overseas which will add to the overall experience of the large audience we are anticipating at the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena.”

The HPX Conference is an initiative of Sport Ireland Coaching and Sport Ireland Institute and Sport Ireland Coaching Director, Michael McGeehin outlined his vision for the event: “The HPX Knowledge Exchange Conference is an excellent initiative that allows us to gather the key members of the high performance sport community in Ireland and reflect on the past number of years as a community. Elite athletes need quality coaching. This year’s HPX will help us in developing the next group of high performance coaches coming through, and help us to raise the standard, status and profile of coaching in Ireland to provide performers and participants with the best quality coaching through their involvement in sport.”

Director of the Sport Ireland Institute Liam Harbison added: “This is the third HPX Knowledge Exchange Conference, and it will be Ireland’s largest gathering of High Performance sports professionals this year. HPX will bring people together to really capture the lessons learned from the Rio cycle from an athlete, coach, and a performance leader perspective, as well as from the wider system, putting those lessons on paper, debating them and looking at how they could impact our services for athletes, NGBs, and High Performance coaches, directors and their teams towards Tokyo 2020.”

2017 marks a new level of ambition for the HPX Knowledge Exchange Conference, with over 40 speakers from 9 countries confirmed to share their key lessons learned across a range of key human performance domains. The Conference aims to showcase some of the key lessons identified by top athletes, coaches, science professionals and performance leaders during the Rio 2016 cycle, and to explore the role of talent development in shaping the future of high performance sport.

The HPX 2020 Evolution will provide a variety of keynote speakers, case studies and workshops from key influencers from the world of high performance sport. The conference is a key event for high performance coaches working in professional or amateur performance and elite sport, coach developers, national governing body staff and leaders, sport science and medical professionals working in professional or amateur elite sport, as well for academic leaders and students from a Sport Science & Management background.

For more information please visit www.hpx.ie

ICCE Global Coach Conference 2019 to be hosted in Japan

A Global Coach Conference Selection Committee has rigorously reviewed a number of bids that were received regarding hosting the 2019 ICCE Global Coach Conference. The GCC Selection Committee comprised of the ICCE Secretary General, Vice President Strategy and Development, Vice Presidents from non-bidding continents, co-chair of the ICCE Research Committee and organisers of the two previous GCCs. The Committee scrutinised the bids, and made their recommendations to the ICCE Board.

It is with great pleasure that we are now in a position to announce that the 2019 ICCE Global Coach Conference will take place in Japan, hosted by Japan Sport Council.

We will announce more information in due course.

Coaching Portugal 6th Congress of Portuguese Language

Coaching Portugal hosted the 6th Coaching Congress of Portuguese Language with the theme “Coaches in the world” on the 3rd and 4th of June 2017 in Gondomar, European City of Sport 2017.

“On this unique stage, where we join coaches of all sports, the presence of John Bales praised and honoured the congress and transformed it into a success!” said Pedro Sequeira President of Coaching Portugal.

Involved in these two days of congress there were more than 500 participants, 67 lecturers, 14 sports workshops and about 50 guests from government and sports entities.

The 6th Coaching Congress was also credited with 2.2 credit units so coaches could renew their TPTD - Professional Coach Title of Sport which was the outcome of the new law in Portugal for the career of the coach.

Gondomar was also the stage of the 1st meeting of the Lusophone Confederation of Coaches with the participation of the countries of Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and of course Portugal with the special presences of the Institute of Sport of Portugal and ICCE and where Portugal proposed a memorandum of understanding for a training of coaches in the Lusophone space.


Launch of the European Sport Coaching Framework at CoachLearn Closing Conference


Leeds Beckett University, the International Council for Coaching Excellence and all other partners of project CoachLearn launched the European Sport Coaching Framework at a closing conference in Leeds on 31st May and 1st June 2017.

Over three years, CoachLearn has conducted research and development activities around coach education and development systems and qualifications in Europe. The main aim of the project is to enhance coaches learning, employability and mobility in the European Union.

For more information on the project, and to download the European Sport Coaching Framework, tools and reports, please visit the CoachLearn website here.

Coaching Council

The ECC is a formally established continental body for Europe of the International Council for Coaching Excellence.