2nd European Meeting of Coaches Associations and Coaching Organisations

The ICCE, its continental group European Coaching Council, and Hellenic Federation of Sports Coaches and Trainers (POPA) hosted a very successful 2nd European Meeting of Coaches Associations and Coaching Organisations in Greece on 23-24 May 2016, after the 1st European Meeting in Cologne, Germany in April 2014.  This meeting was a further opportunity to shape up the representation of sport coaches and sport coaching on a European level.

The meeting was attended by representatives from sports in 20 European countries, with long experience in the field, who shared best practice; showcased and discussed the cooperation between national and continental associations of coaches and coaching organisations, their cooperation with national and international/European governing bodies. There was also good discussion around issues related to the coaching professions and debate on future representation at the European level.


The programme for the event is available here.



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John Bales - Introducing the ICCE

Michael Barda - Union of Professional Coaches

Jose Curado - Coaches Assocations: Past and Present

Closing session and conclusions

Agata Dziarnowska - EU Sport Policy in relation with sport coaching

ECC - Ethical Coaching

Juan Maria Gavalda - Spanish Assocation of Basketball Coaches

Henk-Jan Geelen - NL Coach: The representative of trainers and coaches

Greek National Tourism Organisation - Sport Tourism Opportunities in Greece

Javier Imbroda Ortiz - Thoughts of a manager

Brian McGuinness - British Swimming Coaches Assocation: Coaches supporting coaches

Pekka Potinkara - The Finnish Coaches Assocations: Volunteer and professional coaches

Hellenic Federation of Sports Coaches and Trainers (POPA)

Nikolaus Constantin Theodorou - Fix the Fixing

POPA - Thank you letter to participants

Coaching Council

The ECC is a formally established continental body for Europe of the International Council for Coaching Excellence.