European Coaching Council

The European Coaching Council is the continental arm of the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE). 

The aim of the ICCE European Coaching Council (ECC) is to promote the mission and objectives of ICCE and the development of coaching across Europe by providing clear reference points for education, development, qualification, and employment of coaches. These reference points have been developed with and made available for European countries, international federations, Higher Education, coaches associations and other agencies. The Council has been producing reports, recommendations and guidelines on best practice from a European perspective for consideration by member states and international and national sports bodies, organizations, federations, and agencies.


The Council will work with appropriate agencies to support the:

  • Application of the Rio Maior Convention on the Recognition of Coaching Competence and Qualifications to the needs of EU member states, international federations, and the higher education sector
  • Development of the profession and of the skills and competences of sport coaches at all levels
  • Development of a European-wide view on the coaching profession and the convergence of coaching and coach education, development, and enjoyment
  • Identification, promotion, and implementation of best practice across Europe
  • Development and promotion of a European Code of Ethics and Conduct for Coaches
  • Collation and publication of research data on coaching and coach activity across Europe
  • Identifying the needs of organisations employing and deploying coaches
  • Identifying and promoting good employment/deployment practice for paid and unpaid (volunteer) coaches
  • Collaboration and exchange of practice, work, and staff of the leading national agencies for coaching within member countries
  • Provision of an effective lobby and source of expert advice to the European Commission on issues effecting coaching

International Council for Coaching Excellence

The ICCE is a not-for-profit, international organization with the mission of promoting coaching as an internationally accepted profession.