Trainers of Coach Developers are exceptional Coach Developers themselves, as well as knowledgeable and experienced educationalists who carry out or contribute to one or more of the following roles:

  • Provide leadership, quality assurance and verification of coach development and education programmes
  • Design and lead coach developer programmes and professional development opportunities
  • Select, train and support coach developers
  • Establish, monitor and evaluate coach developer systems.

If you are a sport organisation looking to develop the leaders of your coach education system, someone who is involved in training other coach developers or a coach developer looking to step up to a senior leadership role, join us for this 3-day highly interactive and challenging workshop.

When:  6pm Thursday, 9 May 2019 to 3pm Sunday 12 May.

Where: University of Limerick, Ireland

For whom:  up to 12 experienced coach developers who are or will be leaders in their coach education system.


  • Pre-workshop reading and synopsis writing
  • 3-day interactive and challenging workshop with opportunities to lead activities, conduct peer reviews, complete reflection tasks and action plans (successful completion to this point will result in ICCE trained status accreditation)
  • Post-workshop portfolio tasks and assessments for those seeking ICCE Trainer of Coach Developer status
  • delivered by ICCE Master Trainers Hayley Harrison and Penny Crisfield

Application deadline:  1 March 2019 (applicants will be notified by 8 March and registration fees due by 22 March).

Fees (select one):            €600 (including welcome dinner & 4 night’s accommodation) or

€500 (including welcome dinner & 3 night’s accommodation) or

€250 (including welcome dinner but no accommodation).

Learn the skills needed to lead a world-class coach education programme and support coach developers while expanding your global network of coach education leaders. More specifically the progamme will enable you to:

  • review your own coaching systems and coach developer provision
  • review the evidence of how people learn and continue to develop themselves
  • explore leadership profiles, consolidate your leadership strengths and identify ways to develop your skills
  • design and deliver coach developer-centred programmes and activities
  • develop your facilitation and coach developer support skills
  • identify areas for development for yourself, your coach developers and your coaching systems.

To apply, complete this form and return it by 11 March to

Coaching Council

The ECC is a formally established continental body for Europe of the International Council for Coaching Excellence.